WATCH: IPL 2023 race to the finals; GT vs CSK preview

GT vs CSK – Preview

When Gujarat Titans (GT) met Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in this season’s Indian Premier League (IPL) opener in late March, the question was whether a young and fledgling outfit could hold up against an onslaught from a proven winner.

It didn’t matter that GT was the defending champion, having seen only growth during every moment of its existence since late 2021. CSK, despite appearing to have lost its mojo a bit after finishing ninth in the previous edition, was seen as a wounded tiger on the prowl.

Two months since the two will meet on an equal footing in the grand finale at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday. They sparred in Qualifier 1 just days ago in Chennai, a match CSK won by 15 runs. But it’s the summit clash that will have a definitive feel to it, for it will crown this season’s best.

The dynamics of team competitions don’t quite allow for situations like in individual sports such as tennis where talented upstarts would want to topple their predecessors and not so much wander into a void that’s left.

-N. Sudarshan



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