GT vs MI Ahmedabad weather updates, IPL 2023 Qualifier 2: Rain relents; Who will qualify for final in case of washout?

Mumbai Indians (MI) will play the Gujarat Titans (GT) in Qualifier 2 of the IPL 2023 season on Friday at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The match, scheduled to start at 7:30 PM IST, will decide the second finalist of IPL 2023, behind Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

GT vs MI: What is the Ahmedabad weather update?

There is a faint scare for the fans in Ahmedabad. While there no rain was predicted in Ahmedabad on Friday as per Accuweather’s forecast, a strong downpour opened up at the venue, an hour out from the toss. However, precipitation chances for the evening are forecast to be nil.

6:58 PM IST – Toss delayed

The covers are coming off as the rain relents. The players are coming out to warm-up as the toss is officially delayed.

6:45 PM IST – Pelting down
6:30 PM IST- Heavy rain in Ahmedabad

A strong spell of rain has hit the Narendra Modi Stadium, forcing groundsmen to bring out the covers onto the pitch ahead of the toss.

What happens to the match if it rains?

Accoding to the official rules of IPL 2023, if any of the Final, the Eliminator, Qualifier 1 or Qualifier 2 matches are tied, or there is no result, the following shall apply:

  •  The relevant teams shall compete in a Super Over and if necessary further Super Overs to determine which team is the winner of the match in question
  • The deadline to play a 20-over match is 9.40 PM IST. The deadline to start a 5-over-per-side game is 11.56 PM. If both are not possible, a Super Over is to be started by 12.50 AM.

What happens if conditions do not permit for a Super Over?

  • If conditions do not permit a Super Over, or subsequent Super Overs within the time available to determine the winner, then the team which, at the end of the relevant regular Season, finished in the higher position in the League table will be deemed the winner of the relevant play-off .

This means that, in this match, if conditions do not permit any Super Over, then the Gujarat Titans will qualify for the final by virtue of finishing higher in the table.


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