CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan: In consistency factor, nobody can come near us

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) CEO Kasi Viswanathan on Monday said that the team is incomparable in terms of consistency and added that it should be able to maintain that consistency even after its skipper MS Dhoni departs.

“In any sport, it finally boils down to how consistent you are. In that consistency factor, nobody can come near us. So, that gives us the satisfaction.

“It’s a great achievement until now. It’s a very tough thing to be so consistent throughout. But in the years to come as well, we should thrive and be able to do it. That should definitely happen. The culture is built into the team. We are hoping that it’ll be on the right track,” he said at the India Cement Company ground.

Kasi, who’s a staunch fan himself—he refers to the World Cup-winning captain as ‘ Thalaivan’ (leader)—picked simplicity as his favourite Dhoni trait.

“And how he gets the best out of players. His room is always open. All the players will be there in his room after the match. They discuss a lot. He will share his thoughts. He does that with the opposition team members as well.

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“He doesn’t keep anything to himself. He shares his experience. He gives them proper advice. He likes the youngsters.

“Every year, we get 15-20 net bowlers from various states. To each and every one of those net bowlers, he gives the same importance as he gives to other players. He ensures that they get the same kind of facilities. He doesn’t differentiate.

“After the camp, when they are about to leave, he spends around 15 minutes with them. He discusses how everyone did and how they can improve. These are all qualities that everybody should appreciate,” he added.

Kasi said that when he and the others associated with domestic cricket provide inputs on talent acquisition, Dhoni doesn’t interfere. “We’ll give our inputs. We have our talent scouts. The domestic talent is fully watched by us. A lot of the players have worked out for the team like that. For instance, Ruturaj (Gaikwad). From (Manpreet) Gony to Mohit Sharma, they all went on to play for the country. But that domestic talent is only recognised by the domestic team.

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“Because, Dhoni was then fully involved in international cricket, so he didn’t have the time. He will leave it to us. Even now, with domestic talent, he doesn’t interfere.”

Asked about his favourite CSK moment, he said: “For me, in 2018, when we came back and won the trophy, it was a very, very memorable moment, because it gave us so much satisfaction.

“We were out of the IPL for two years. To come back and win, it was a challenge. And that was a very emotional moment for us. That was a very special moment!”

Asked about his favourite Dhoni moment, he said: “There are a lot of Dhoni moments. In 2010, in Dharamshala, when he got those 16 runs in that last over (versus Kings XI Punjab), that was a great moment! That was the first year we won the trophy, so that is always lingering in our mind.”


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